Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why I'm Learning to Write

In order to finish my graduate program and magically be ordained a rabbi next year, I need to complete a traditional thesis or capstone project.

I chose to write a capstone project and will embark on a journey to learn about ethics, Judaism, and food in order to write an ethical cookbook. The finished project should be about 80 written pages and I am so scared about writing those 80 pages.

Why "learn" to write?

Writing is an important medium we have at our disposal to share ideas with one another. Here I am, blogging away...showing you the thoughts that swirl around in my brain only to be plucked to the top, scooped out and splashed back onto the page in letters and sentences. Pretty cool, right!? I get to show you what's going on inside my head just through this act of writing.

In order to be most successful at completing my capstone and writing worthwhile material here and in other places, I'm embarking on a journey to really learn to write.

I plan to start with Chuck Wendig's ebook 250 Things You Should Know About Writing and basically ravaging any wonderful writing books and blogs I can get my hands on.

Words matter and I want all of the words I send out into the world to make an impact. This, in itself, feels like a very minimalist idea and I'm stoked to begin.

What books or blogs have you read that inspire you to be a better writer?

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