Friday, April 25, 2014

Story of Stuff

This video, Story of Stuff, sold me (haha, punny) on not purchasing new items.

It was both sad and frustrating to me and ultimately, made me realize that I would prefer to buy things used, borrow things from friends, or just be content with what I have. The one exception to this rule, moving forward, is that I will still probably buy new clothes for myself for work but I will probably make sure I keep an eye on sustainability, fairness for workers, and materials used.

The amount of waste we used to produce as just two people was staggering. Since we stopped buying things and trying to recycle as much as possible, I have noticed that we put out a good amount of recycling and one (not even full) trash bag each week. When you don't buy that much stuff, there isn't that much to throw out!

We do throw out a lot of food waste like peelings and such. Hopefully, we can start composting soon so we can also eliminate most of this waste from our garbage.

It blew my mind to watch the Story of Stuff and to see how much we consume without thinking.

What do you think?!

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